At GoActiv we are passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing and we believe the earlier we introduce children to the values and importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, the better. PE is an easily accessible way to develop the social, creative, and personal skills of young people in addition to working on their cognitive, perceptual and physical skill development.

All children are different when it comes to how they learn, what they enjoy, and what they are good at; a high quality varied PE programme is invaluable for any child’s development and in helping them discover where their own personal aptitudes lie. 

PE and school sport should play a central role in every child’s development, we think this is most beneficial to children when coaches and teachers work together to enhance each other’s skills.

Education and active participation during the early years of development is crucial to forming healthy habits that will continue far into later life. The experiences of PE, physical activity and sport, that children have at an early age can shape their approach to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as they get older. 

Developing strong motor skills and physical competence enables us to build a child’s confidence to a level which will more than likely lead to the continuance of participation in physical activity or sport in later life. Positive physical activity will set the stage for future healthy, active lifestyles and this is of paramount importance to us.

Physical activity and sport can play a huge part in personal wellbeing both physically and emotionally and PE can have positive effects on the concentration and behaviour of children both in and outside of their school day as well as contribute to the general character building of a young person enabling them to achieve their own potential as an individual in other aspects in life.

PE should allow all children to work individually and as a team, follow instructions and demonstrate leadership, make decisions and analyse performance, all the while learning important lessons of fairness, sportsmanship and self development. 



Our team of enthusiastic, experienced coaches are passionate about delivering fun andchallenging activities in an age appropriate format tailored specifically to the individual needs of your school and it’s pupils through the delivery of PE, school sports clubs and school sports events.


  • Reach National Curriculum targets.
  • Meet your learning outcomes.
  • Achieve your wider educational goals.
  • Conform to legislation for Health and Safety and Risk Assessment.
  • Develop skills and individual talent.
  • Improve concentration and behaviour.
  • Be fun, safe and educational.

Our extensive coaching
qualifications & up to date
knowledge of the
National Curriculum

enables us to deliver
high quality PE lessons. 

We understand that not all schools or teachers have the resources to plan and deliver high quality PE lessons, nor can they be expected to specialise in multiple sports and activities. We can work around your facilities and timescales to tailor a coaching programme to the learning goals and development aspirations of your school.

We are also able to provide a range of sports clubs both during and outside of the school day, organise your school sports events, and even offer classroom based coaching of skill development, decision making, tactics and game or sport specific rules.



We work with local schools and teachers as an ASL team in line with the Primary School Physical Literacy Framework to reinforce and enhance the plans of the school through delivery of the PE curriculum, inclusive of it’s wider aims, in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One we will focus on the importance of developing physical literacy using a child centred approach to developing the fundamentals of movement such as agility, balance, speed and coordination. From these building blocks we willlook to develop the movement skills into more complexed actions such as running, jumping,throwing and catching.

These critical fundamental stages of skill development are often overlooked by premature focus on competition. We believe that getting these foundations solid prior to further development is key, once the fundamental skills are imbedded we will continue to encourage and inspire children to further develop their sports specific skills and achieve success through maximum involvement and encouraged competition.

During Key Stage Two we look to develop fundamental sports skills by starting to apply the movement skills to more specific sports situations and activities. We will introduce game based concepts such as invasion, striking and fielding skills. Further development will lead to sports specific skills being developed and competitive sports scenarios being introduced.


We can provide additional, specific and specialised coaching in the run up to an event or competition including developing knowledge of the rules and principals of specific sports and tournaments. Coaching can be delivered to a team or individual athlete and can be tailored to the specific needs of an upcoming tournament or event.

Throughout any coaching programme we will positively encourage the development of social, creative, and personal skills in young people in addition to working on their cognitive, perceptual and physical skill development.

We recognise the cross-curriculum links between PE and other subjects such as Maths and English and believe in using pupil strengths to encourage and motivate them in weaker subject areas.

Using fresh, stimulating ideas we can encourage children to participate in a range of activities as both individuals or team members and can even incorporate physical skill development with other important development areas such as mathematical equations or literacy practice.


We can offer a variety of specific, or generic sports coaching to
be delivered around the individual outcomes and education
needs that are important to your school and it’s pupils.

These may be delivered at lunchtimes, before school or after
school and could be aimed at physical skill development, or developing other subject areas in a more practical, activity
focused environment.


We have experience in planning, organising and delivering sports events and are happy to discuss any event organisation needs you may need assistance with. Events might range from sports day, to inter-school events, organising fixtures or tournaments between different schools, or organising sports workshops and festivals.

All sports event organisation can include risk assessment documentation, health and safety precautions, event programme organisation and extra staffing if required.

Booking & Pricing

Sessions can be booked on a termly, half termly, annual or ad hoc basis and discounts may be available for block or repeat bookings. Please see pricing examples for illustration purposes. All pricing is dependent upon your tailored coaching package and may take into account facility hire, additional staffing, planning and/or delivery of coaching, events or sessions if appropriate.

For some coaching packages we are able to offer multiple billing options. This might include billing the school direct, billing the parents of children that are participating in a club or event, or billing individual schools and teams for entry to an event that you are hosting.



Use the Contact form below us to book or for further information to discuss your needs and get a free taster session for your school!

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