Why is being
active important?

There are many physical, mental and social benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle. These include…

  • Ensures healthy growth and development of your body systems including skeletal,  muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory.
  • Acts as a preventative measure, reducing risk of disease and illness.
  • Develops cognitive, perceptual and motor skills in both a general and sports specific capacity.
  • Enhances psychological wellbeing, reducing stress and promotes good self-esteem.
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep.
  • Encourages other healthy habits and behaviours.
  • Provides opportunity for developing social skills.


Our favourite reason to be active is simply the desire to look after ourselves and maintain a healthy body and mind through physical activity.

You may find that your motivation comes from…

  • Looking for a challenge.
  • Learning a new skill or building on existing skills.
  • Improving your health. l Making a physical appearance change.
  • Enjoying the competitive element of activity.
  • Spending time with friends and family. l Meeting new people.
  • Having fun.

Whatever your motivation, all aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing are a journey and as your lifestyle and habits change, your aims and motivational factors are likely to change too.

When should we start
being active?

At GoActiv Sport we are passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. This one is simple; the sooner you start being active, the better. It is never too early to get active, but don’t forget, it is also never too late. The best time to start is today!


Remember we want to maintain our health, fitness and wellbeing long term not just temporarily.

There are numerous aspects of fitness and no end to our ability to acquire new skills so consider being active a journey, then break it down into small steps!

The first step is always to make small changes to improve our lifestyle wherever possible. It’s important to incorporate physical activity or skill development in a way which works for you and that you enjoy.

There are many ways people of all ages can get active with GoActiv, these include…

  • Toddler and pre-school development groups and workshops.
  • Children’s development courses, events and workshops.
  • Teen’s development courses, events and workshops. l Adults development courses, events and workshops.
  • School sports support and provision.
  • Personal Training & Fitness Instruction.
  • 1-to-1, small group and team Sports Coaching.
  • Children’s activity or sports parties.
  • Team building days and events.


Neil Dickinson

Neil’s qualifications allow him to coach a wide variety of Sports to both children and adults over a range of ability levels. He specialises in Football and Futsal where his love for coaching first originated. As well as coaching for a number of teams and elite academies across the county including Carlisle United Academy, Workington Reds  Academy and the FA Girls Advanced Coaching Centre, he can often be found in local schools supporting the national curriculum through the delivery of PE or coaching at community events and youth clubs as well as working with advanced athletes on specific goals and areas of development. As a knowledgeable and relatable youth coach Neil’s camps, workshops and 1-1 sessions are hugely popular with youths and parents alike. Neil’s prime focuses lie in helping the advanced youth athlete to reach the top of their game and in getting as many young people as active as possible, with the aim of ensuring they choose to maintain an active lifestyle through later life. Also a level 4 Personal Trainer specialising in strength and conditioning and Olympic lifting, when he’s not working with youths Neil joins Nikki in supporting the training and coaching of adult clients and athletes. It’s vitally important to Neil to keep his knowledge fresh, up to date and ever growing so you’ll often find him studying, on a course or workshop or trying out new learned skills in the gym!

Tel: 07891 703 116 | Email: neil@goactiv.co.uk

Nikki Dickinson

Nikki’s love for all things sport, health and fitness originated during her days as a track athlete. Initially specialising in coaching athletics, she is now qualified to coach a wide variety of Sports to both youths and adults over a range of performance and ability levels. A natural progression found Nikki studying diet and nutrition, becoming a Fitness Instructor and then a level 4 Personal Trainer, choosing to specialise in sports specific athletic conditioning where she furthered her knowledge in maximising fitness and athletic performance by studying sports performance psychology. After having had two children, Nikki spent her maternity leave re-training to add level 4 specialisations in pre and post-natal training and GP referral to her locker. Nowadays Nikki primarily works with adults and enjoys instructing and training a wide range of client types. Given even half a chance, you will find her getting back to her routes of specific athletic conditioning and coaching youths alongside Neil where her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, principles of training, performance and psychology enable guaranteed development even in athletes at the top of their game. Nikki’s passion is to help people find their love for health, fitness and wellbeing. She is a natural motivator and strives to encourage other people to thrive in living their healthiest, strongest life, whatever their starting point.

Tel: 07969 900 467 | Email: nikki@goactiv.co.uk

“Thank you for accommodating some of Gillford Park FC teams with additional coaching around Futsal before they enter the futsal league.

As this is the first time coaches and teams have experienced futsal it was great to give them some specialised coaching in the right environment. The coaches have also benefited from the additional training and have certainly been able to put some of the sessions into practice during their own training.

I will certainly be in touch in due course to arrange this training again for the next cohort of teams that will be experiencing Futsal.



Jackie Hayhow

Secretary and Welfare Officer - Gillford Park FC”


Jackie Hayhow


“Working with GoActiv has been a real pleasure. Neil and Nikki really listened to what we wanted and needed as a school and were able to be totally flexible in their approach. They delivered both curriculum sessions and after school clubs for us, which were all extremely successful and loved by the children.From active outdoor learning groups to football, multi-sport, dance and athletics clubs, the list of what they could offer was endless. Nikki and Neil always went beyond the call of duty and were eager to help us out wherever they could. As a school we would have no hesitation in recommending GoActiv to others and look forward to working with Neil and Nikki again in the near future.”




“As a family we have had a lot of different experiences of GoActiv Sport.

The boys through SALA football school and a couple of multi sports parties and myself with Nikki as my personal trainer. 

You have made sport fun for the kids, in particular the SALA football skills which both boys have commented is brilliant for learning new skills while having a great time. They are learning how to think about football tactically rather than just running after the ball.

I made the decision after Easter that I needed to make changes to my lifestyle and get fitter so I wasn’t the Mum who couldn’t keep up with her children. My mum and Grandma were also diagnosed with osteoporosis and I wanted to do something about it before it was too late. I started with Nikki and it has been the best experience. I feel healthier and stronger. I have learnt the real meaning of the words being fit and healthy. I am now enjoying exercise and look forward to my weekly sessions and the burn I feel for the next day or so afterwards! No pain no gain!”


Lucy Fuggle





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